1. conscious or aware of something.
Benefits of being mindful:
  • improves well being
  • improves physical health
  • improves mental health





MINDFUL BREATHING- Saturday 11.19.2016 @ My house

I practice this because I was feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list nearing the end of the semester. With these last couple of weeks I have more group projects to finish than I can handle. Group projects are never actually group projects.. It is so hard to organize everyone to meet and it really becomes too stressful to deal with as the due dates are coming closer. I figured I would breathe it out. I felt instantly more relaxed as I was finished with my last breathing out. Mindful breathing is definitely something that I will practice more often. Even though the problem didn’t go away, I got a handle on it and this technique allowed me to think more clearly.


  • I’m thankful for the guy who told me thank you for holding the door for his family at Peel (often times people forget to say thank you even over simple gestures such as that)
  • Fuzzy socks that keep my feet warm on cold days (like today)
  • Exercise because as cliche as it sounds.. it has been keeping me sane
  • Having a supportive boyfriend who is always willing to talk it out even if I repeat myself 100 times and complain about the same problems over and over again (I overthink and overanalyze everything I’m a girl)
  • My friends coming home this weekend from school for Thanksgiving break (it is always wonderful to start where you left off the last time you saw them)
  • My parents arriving home safe from Florida after being gone for a month.
  • Warm showers and clean water to bathe in (I am truly appreciative, there are so many people who don’t get the luxuries we get)
  • My dog (forever and always the most loyal best friend)

I feel better after writing down all the things that I am appreciative of. All these things to appreciate in one day can make a lifetime of happiness. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the good things in life, and you over see the things you have that others don’t (and how great you really have it). Some days it may seem like everything is falling down, but if you can make a list of the things you are appreciative of daily, I promise life isn’t that bad.

MINDFUL OBSERVATION- Sunday 11.20.2016 @ My house, the rosebush by my families mailbox.

This rosebush is from my uncles funeral many years ago. It’s not blooming this time of year, it looks naked, it doesn’t have any flowers bloomed on it that move when the wind blows, looks like a bunch of sticks bundled together, but it still gives me a comforting feeling anyway. Even though it can look ugly during this season I know it will be bloom again- same with death, even though everything looks ugly at the time  you will see how it gets better and more beautiful.