I strive to have an overall balanced diet. Although, I do remember that I am a college student and I do remember to treat myself and act as if I’m a college student. I more so eat very well throughout the week so I can not feel as guilty when I don’t do as great on the weekends. I am fortunate enough to eat a majority of home cooked meals throughout the week which is so much better for you than eating out. Going out to eat may not help you make the most healthy decisions and it’s hard to watch your portion sizing as well. I was not surprised by any of the days except for the weekend which I knew would be a different outcome since alcohol came into play. I also am not happy with myself that I did miss dinner because of work which I tend to do rather often and I know it isn’t good to miss meals. I eat a variation of vegetables throughout the days, and I know you are supposed to consume less than 300mg of cholesterol a day which I only did once throughout my 3 day food journal. Although I am not happy with my consumption of alcohol I did consume it in moderation which is better than not. My sodium intake is higher than I would like for it to be but it is still less than 2300mg. I do drink whole milk which I know is not by any means fat free but I do not drink anything else. I have a high protein intake in the morning just incase I don’t get it in the rest of my meals I make sure to fulfill that early in the day. I think I’m safe to say that I get a good amount of vitamins and minerals throughout my daily diet. Zucchini happens to be my favorite vegetable and I typically eat it 4 times a week with lunch or dinner, which is said to be the best source of dietary fiber and will keep your body in the best shape in the long run. The only beverages I drink throughout the week are whole milk, water, or green tea. Soda has been cut out of my diet for a very long time including on the weekends as well. I’m not disappointed in my diet and I know there are things that I could improve but to myself I look good and I feel good so I think I am doing pretty well.  I do not believe that I will change or modify my diet unless I’m given tips. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the way I eat and the way I feel, one thing I will address is making sure I do eat dinner even if I am at work. If I know I’m going to be working that night I will pack a dinner ahead of time to make sure that I don’t skip a meal.