– What foods do you eat most?

I eat a lot of pasta. Pasta to me is comfort food. I do eat a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. A typical family dinner in my household is a meat, a vegetable or two, and a salad. If I did have to pick a food I eat the absolute most though it’s fettuccine alfredo.

– How do these help or hinder you?

Me eating a balanced meal with my family helps me by making sure I’m maintaining my weight. It also helps m mood tremendously knowing that I’m eating well. I turn into such a crab when I eat junk. A balanced diet and staying hydrated gives me the most energy. I like being productive throughout the day and having energy to do so, therefore I like to eat healthy meals.

– What foods would you incorporate more or eat less of?

I do wish I liked sushi.. everyone LOVES it and I can’t get myself to like it. I also wish I could incorporate spaghetti squash into my diet too. I don’t like that either and that is the huge fad right now and is considered a healthy dinner. I also wish I could incorporate more green vegetables, I don’t like peas or asparagus or brussel sprouts. I do need to eat less carbs, not the good carbs but the excessive amount of bread (breadsticks, pizza, pasta, sandwiches). If I could do the un-wich thing (sandwiches with no bread but lettuce around it instead) I would be golden.