I loooooove Bob Seger. anytime I am out and I see a jukebox or a band I always request night moves. This song just puts me in a good mood and makes me have a fun time, and I always correlate it with having a fun time and being out. I love dive bars and going out of town and everyone always gets excited when this song comes on! I went to a tribute concert over the summer and I was like the youngest one there and singing all of the songs. Nothing is better than old KSHE 95.

This song is so upbeat and fun and puts me in the best mood. I honestly have NO idea why, it just is one of those songs. Anytime it comes on it gets me jumping around and screaming the lyrics really loud. It makes me feel like I’m really living and loving life. I wish I could explain this better but I’m sure we all have that song.

Matchbox Twenty is a band that I feel like is fitting for any situation. Whether you’re in the car, sitting by a fire, or just sitting around in the kitchen with people it’s a band you can always listen to. It’s also a band I listened to in the early 2000’s when I really started realizing what music was all about. I feel like everyone knows this song and sings along when it comes on. It’s an oldie but goodie, I think that’s why I like it so much.

Typical girls night or girls day. I have no bad memory listening to dixie chicks. Most of them involve my friends, their concerts, childhood, karaoke nights. I still have all their CD’s, do people even know what those are anymore? I listen to this song on repeat in the car and my boyfriend even knows all the words now too. It’s so fun and a song you can just start singing at the top of your lungs without a care.

This song is played at every wedding. And I LOOOOVE WEDDINGS. I feel like it’s a song everyone gets in a huge circle and dancing together. The beat is so uplifting and fun. As I’m reading the comments on this song someone said something about how if this song doesn’t make you want to get up and wiggle around then you’re not human, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

How does music help improve your mood?

We tie music to feelings. If we’re sad and listen to something with a sad beat we’re going to progressively get sadder. I’m generally a really upbeat and happy person and so I like fun songs that I remember having fun to. I more so tie music in with experiences. I play soccer growing up and to get pumped up before a game we had the songs that were super popular out and the rap songs that were kind of hardcore and got us going, and it worked. I’m always listening to music, even throughout my house there’s always music playing on the speakers. I can’t study and listen to music though because I get way too distracted (by singing out loud or dancing). I think music really helps to get me going or puts me in a better mood. For an example, if me or my best friend Lauren are having a bad day we will pick each other up for a car ride to get Starbucks and listen to September by Earth Wind and Fire and just scream it to the top of our lungs! try it