I think this statement is so true and pure. The way is I see this statement is that we see the world by our own beliefs. And that we see the world from our own view and everyone has their own view. We may all see things different based on our own perceptions which come from beliefs, experiences, memories, etc.

Having an open mind:

means having unprejudiced views on things

willingness to be up for new ideas

Which is more important- being right or the greater good:

The greater good means that it most likely won’t benefit you but it will benefit all of mankind. Benefiting many not just a few. I think that this overall is the most important, I think the happiness of others is important and doing things to benefit other people and not being so selfish is always what’s best (and right).

Is there a such thing as one right answer:

No, I think the answers to things depend on multiple variations of things. Everyone having different perceptions in life based on their own senses and interpretations.