I am not the least bit creative at all. I am dominantly left-brained and logical. It has always occurred to me that I’m not creative, and I’ve kind of been discouraged by that. Seeing as tons of my friends are creative and I’m not, I have always kind of wondered if creativity can be taught. I came across this article which was super uplifting, it made me realize I am not the only one who stresses from not being creative.

Can You Learn Creativity? The Answer Might Surprise You

Although I see myself as not being creative with things such as art, or music, or inventions, I have come to realize by reading this article that I am creative just in a different light.


I absolutely day dream all the time- whether in class, while driving, at work, or on the phone.

Observe everything- I am the biggest observer, nothing gets passed me at all. I will always ask “did you see that”, when no one else even noticed.

Work hours that work for them- when I can, this doesn’t apply to my job. I can’t just work the shifts that I want to (although that would be nice). However, with getting homework and assignments done the best time for me is after I have already had free time for myself. I cannot settle in until I am done with my obligations for the day, or before I have eaten.

Take time for solitude- I love being alone, this may be an only child thing or just a personal thing of mine. I love to think to myself, to not answer to anyone, to be on my own time and do things for myself. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I am getting in touch with myself to express creativity, but I have definitely overcome the fear of being alone.

They seek out new experiences- I love to travel. My dad is always planning the next vacation, or weekend get away and I am helping. I love new experiences, exploring, and introducing myself to new things.

They people watch- the best people watching is a the airports, Walmart, and the loading dock in Grafton on a busy day.

They take risks- I took a huge risk this year by being a fifth year student, I changed my major to do something that makes me ultimately happy.

They lose track of time- I am always losing track of time; running late, or getting caught up in something, I will probably be 10 minutes after expected.

Surround themselves with beauty- I love being outside; going for a run, going on a hike. I think the most beautiful place is being outdoors.

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