The big fad of our generation seems to be big lips, lip injections, or the infamous “Kylie Jenner lips”.

The ad is targeted towards girls, probably ages 17-30.

The purpose of Kylies ads are for bigger, plumper, more defined lips.

Being drawn to this ad is easy because for one, she’s Kylie Jenner (omg omg). We’ve only been keeping up with her throughout all her ugly stages until now she’s finally bloomed. The media and girls in our generation are so infatuated with anything and everything she does, even if she does create a ridiculous Kylie Jenner lip collection. Along with being a Kardashian, her lips do look great if you’re into this kind of thing. I think girls are drawn to this ad because of the utmost fabulous lifestyle she lives.

People might react differently to this if they still haven’t gotten over Kims sex tape, if they are still appalled by Caitlin Jenner, or if they were never keeping up with the Kardashians in the first place.


• Don’t forget to check out her kyshadow!!



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